Whether you’re an individual in search of a more tailored service, a sports club aiming to implement injury screening assessments or a Physiotherapist looking for a second opinion, we provide a range of specialists services to provide you a solution unique to your needs.   

Biomechanical Assessment


All our biomechanical assessments are led by our lead clinician Chris Bramah. Chris has over 10 years’ experience delivering biomechanical assessments for athletes from across the world.

Having published multiple research papers in peer reviewed journals, presenting at international conferences and working with a number of Olympic athletes, Chris is able to blend scientific evidence with clinical experience to deliver you an in-depth assessment.


Our Running Gait Analysis assessments take a holistic view of your running technique in order to provide you with recommendations for performance enhancement, injury prevention or recovery from long standing injuries.

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chris bramah presenting research at a conference


Our consultancy services range from providing a second opinion for complex clinical cases, to assisting sports teams implement the latest scientific knowledge into their clinical practise.


We help advise on musculoskeletal screening, biomechanics, injury risk reduction, rehabilitation and return to play strategies. 



Dr. Bramah has been actively involved in the research outputs at the University of Salford for over 10 years.  In this time he completed his PhD in running biomechanics and injury.  He continues to work with the University as a lecturer in Physiotherapy alongside his research aims that see him collaborating with other high profile institutions. 

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Injury screening aims to identify potential injury vulnerabilities for individual athletes and teams. Injury screening assessments aim to help inform and develop injury risk reduction strategies into your training regime.


All our screening assessments are individually designed and bespoke to your specific sport and the associated injury risks.


Combining our experience working across multiple different elite sports and the latest scientific evidence we aim to provide you with injury screening assessments unique to your needs. 

physiotherapist writing up results from a sports injury screening day