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Introducing Run Stronger our Strength Assessment for Runners service

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Run Stronger

Run Stronger is a new and unique service providing you with an overview of your strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to develop a Strength Program that is specifically tailored to you.


Scientific evidence has shown strength training can improve running performance; with benefits including:


  • Improved running economy

  • Faster maximal speeds

  • Faster performance times


Strength training may even help to reduce the risk of some running injuries.



Running Race

Is this service for me?

Whether you are just starting to run, aiming to run a personal best or competing at an elite level, strength training has been shown to benefit runners of all levels.

If you’re looking to improve your performance, or hoping to reduce your injury niggles, this assessment could be right for you.  

What does the assessment look like?

Our Strength Assessment for runners takes you through a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.


We take you through several tests looking at key physical qualities influencing performance and injury.

This includes assessments of the range of movement of certain joints, muscle strength, muscular endurance and also looking at your explosive and elastic strength abilities.

This information is then used to create a specific strength training program tailored to you and your individual running aims.    

The scores are then compared to our recommended key performance standards, to identify specific areas where you can improve.

Your bespoke Run Stronger report is provided for you to review any time.


What to expect from an Extra Mile Health Running Strength Assessment: 

Expert delivered 1.5 hour Strength assessment

Detailed history taking about you and your running

Thorough assessment looking at key parameters

Written Report of findings and recommendations

Sample report


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