At Extra Mile Health we specialise in running injury assessment, diagnosis and management.

We are

Running Specialists

Over the last 10 years we have worked with runners of all levels, from Olympic medallists to those starting running for the first time.


Through our experience we aim to provide you with access to specialist running services, helping you to identify the underlying cause of injury, recover from and prevent running injuries. 

We know Running

Our physio team are all running injury specialists, having both competed and worked at an elite level. Using our experience, we have a unique ability to blend our expertise in running injuries, with an understanding of the sport demands. 

Our passion - helping runners to run

We love running, and we know you do too.  At Extra Mile Health we want to make sure we keep you running no matter what your ability or aim is, because we know that a runner is happiest when running! 


So whether your aim is to compete on the Olympic stage, run your first marathon or run for all the brilliant benefits of running- then we're here to help. We aim to provide you with access to a range of running services to help you continue doing what you love. Our passion is helping runners like you to run. 


GIrl Running

Helping to advise you on all things running

Training advice

Return to Run programs

Strength training for runners

Running biomechanics

Running trainer advice

Injury management 

Sports Massage

Return to Run

Providing guidance on how to safely return to run following an injury helps to ensure you can safely increase your running and return to fitness.

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Strength training

We believe strength and conditioning can help to improve running performance, reduce the risk of injury and help you recover from a running injury. Therefore, we offer one to one strength training sessions and programs specifically tailored to you.

Injury Rehabilitation

We help to address underlying weakness’ and biomechanical contributors to injury by developing strength training programs and running drills specifically tailored to your individual needs.    

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Running Gait Analysis

All our gait analysis services are led by our specialist running physio Chris Bramah. Having published multiple research papers in peer reviewed journals, presenting at international conferences and working with a number of Olympic athletes; Chris is able to blend scientific evidence with clinical experience to deliver you an in-depth assessment of your running technique.

Diagnostic imaging

Through our collaborative work at the Manchester Institute of Health & Performance we are able to facilitate access to ultrasound, MRI scans, body composition and bone density scans.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Injury diagnosis & management

We believe an accurate diagnosis is the first step to recovery from injury. Therefore, we take the time to ensure we provide you with a detailed assessment in order to establish the nature of your injury and underlying cause.

Eilish McColgan Great Britain runner providing testimonial for Extra Mile Health


"Working with Chris has allowed me to get my body ready for an Olympic Games final, two World Championship finals with two European medals along the way."


—  Eilish McColgan,
GB International 5000m Runner
Scottish 5000m Record Holder
2 x Olympian